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We seek to provide our clients with a one stop shop for construction, specializing in pre-construction planning, construction consultation, commercial construction and residential remodeling and renovation. We are fully licensed and insured, serving Florida and North Carolina. 

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JY Construction Group is a premier construction and service group based out of South Florida. We maintain a high level of communication, coordination and cooperation throughout our offices, which ensures that every client receives consistently high quality services regardless of the project location.


We are always employing a unique blend of construction, science and engineering capabilities to identify and correct potential problems before they happen. Together, these professionals make up a team committed to ensuring that every project is completed to JY Construction Group standards with exceptional workmanship and quality materials.


J.Y. has delivered on a simple but effective philosophy for each tenant - we put you first. Perhaps that's why we have been able to successfully grow and operate in several states across the southeast.


We're family-owned and run a tight ship so you can expect one point of contact and no obstacles between tenant and principal. Whether you're a national tenant or a local one, you can always expect us to give you our very best.


This project was both complicated and required a great degree of communication and coordination. 

The J.Y. team met these challenges and delivered a quality product - on time and within budget. Their project management and supervision personnel handled the many

changes professionally. 

Ric Feinrerg, Jimmy Johns Franchisee



Planning &

During the Pre-Construction phase, we will work to meet the owner’s functional, aesthetic, budgetary and scheduling needs by providing and reviewing a variety of design documents and calculating the cost. Our team is well trained in many techniques such as conceptual estimating and value engineering.

Value Engineering 

We understand that every client wants to minimize costs while maintaining the integrity of the building. We approach Value Engineering from the inception of the project to deliver the most streamlined and cost efficient project while fully meeting the buildings functional and aesthetic objectives.

Project Management

Construction Management allows us to monitor the quality of construction as well as the materials, equipment and labor used throughout the project. Besides quality control, we can also effectively manage cost, time, safety and contract administration. We are equipped to handle all aspects of the design and construction phases.


General Contracting

General Contracting allows us to work together as a team with the owner, architect and engineer to deliver the project on time and under budget. We achieve this by

providing accurate cost estimates and value engineering during the design phase. Finally, we provide qualified on-site construction supervision.


Conceptual Estimating

J.Y. Construction Group's expert team of estimators, have developed and refined its estimating system to ensure the accurate budget early in the process and control costs

throughout the project. Our estimating team works to 

understand the client’s needs and then draws upon its extensive database of vendors and

subcontractors to build the most accurate estimates possible.


We believe that experience, communication, and commitment are the reasons you want J.Y. Construction Group to be your restaurant specialists.


We use a common sense approach in retail store construction based on years of personal, hands-on experience. We treat every project according to its needs and do what it takes to get it it done on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest of industry and ethical standards.


When it comes to improving tenant space, we create a smooth construction process so the project is completed both on schedule and on budget. Satisfaction and peace of mind for all parties involved is guaranteed. 



... & many more!





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (954) 305-6782 or fill out the following form

Head Office

1500 W Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 512 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tel: (754) 200-5935

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